Colorful days are here for you to relish! At Chaplin, delight is one bite away!


Chaplin Restaurant and Café is a unique idea of its own kind based in the Dubai UAE inspired by the famous legendary actor Charlie Chaplin. Our restaurant is very distinguished, introducing new ideas in serving international food and beverages.
Daily we create special vibes and atmospheres such as performances of main character Charlie Chaplin and his wife, musicians playing among the guests, and a Singer performing classic and international songs.
Chaplin restaurant can accommodate simultaneously 500 guests. The areas which are divided in indoor and outdoor open Terrace with smoking and non-smoking sections. In addition to lunch and dinner, the restaurant premises, for example, to organize social events as : banquets, graduations, birthday celebrations or special occasion events. Soon enough, our restaurant will display showcases of original Charlie Chaplin collectibles of Chaplin museum from UK.
Food. We serve our dishes along with playing on instruments and love to our guests. We hope that your visit to our restaurants will be one of your pleasant experiences, and that you will always come back.
Warm regards,
#Chaplin Restaurant Team.


We believe in constantly creating international traditional food experiences and impressions that
will endure for a lifetime to our guests, family members and partners.



We always strive to learn more everyday through research, trainings and new experiences and share this knowledge with our guests and family.


We provide our team the family spirit and for our guests we provide a bond, a whole experience through building meaningful and long lasting connections.


We are committed to getting better every day, as individuals and as a team through better understanding guests’ expectations and continuously working to improve our products, services and processes.


We stand to inspire and sustain loyalty between our family and guests. Guest Engagement Getting to know our regulars 20/80 Rule: ( 80% of our profit comes from 20% of our Guest) Credibility: (Being honest).


Wanting something is not enough. You must hunger for it. Your motivation must be absolutely compelling in order to overcome the obstacles that will invariably come your way.

Positive vibes

In order to accumulate our positive energy we will start our shift with an organized group dance, this is to inspire positivity in our team spirit and organized conduct.


We promise to turn our commitment to drive results.